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According to legends, the wolf is thought to have an ambiguous meaning within the occult. Deemed as a demonic beast that spread fear and destruction, it is also the symbol of both power and courage. Its female counterpart, the she-wolf, is associated with fertility and debauchery.

In Ancient Athens, the wolf was dedicated to Apollo, the god of light. Whereas in Ancient Rome, it was linked to Mars, the god of war.

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In Christian symbology, if God is to be the shepherd, the wolf is, without a doubt, the incarnation of Satan. During the witch trials, witches were said to shapeshift into wolves and men into werewolves.

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The wolf is omnipresent in popular culture. By awakening the most irrational fears, it is the symbol of pure evil, the unknown, and the mysterious forces that cannot be controlled. It was said that the wolf used to venture outside the woods, during extremely cold winters, to scatter and spread terror in the countryside and attack people.

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Yet, during Ancient Times, the wolf wasn't a pure product of fantasy, but more so a nuisance. Peasants were having problems dealing with wolves that were devouring their livestock, causing misery and famine. Nevertheless, the wolf being the incarnation of the forces of evil is still part of our contemporary culture.


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