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Gorgeous invitations...definitely with floral hints or soft pinks.
My wedding is definitely going to follow a specific theme. Definitely an intimate, nature, outdoors type wedding, that is elegant but simple. The invitations need to give off that vibe.
- Me


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I've never been too fussed about the ring really. I love most wedding rings. All I want is it not be pure gold. It can be rose gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. I just don't like the yellow gold. It's never looked good on me.
- Me

Bridesmaids Dresses

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Always been a fan of soft pinks.
I have always wanted my bridesmaids to wear dresses that give a very sweet, and kind vibe, as I want my wedding to be a happy day. I've always been a believer that colours really have an impact on people's moods. This day is going to be my special day, so I want there to be a mood that is very joyous.
- Me

Wedding Dress

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Wish I was skinny.
I just want something simple but classy. Not looking for a massive gown with a long train. I like gorgeous simplicity.
- Me


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Soft pink, White, Both. I don't mind.
- Me

Wedding Cake

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The cake needs to be amazing. Like it has to be chocolate and the icing needs to be the perfect amount of sweet. Not too sweet. I cannot make you feel gross and sick afterwards though. But these cakes are beautiful.
- Me


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Outdoor wedding in amongst nature.
Ever since I watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, outdoor weddings have been a must. I have also always loved nature too, and known from a young age that I wanted to incorporate that into my wedding. Also, I am definitely putting up fairy lights, or exposed light bulbs. They are a freaking definite.
- Me

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