Dear Vincent,

I am beginning to understand why you swallowed yellow paint
In an effort to ease the pain that gripped your throat,
And filled your lungs with black and grey,
And made it hard to breathe.

I feel as though I swallow yellow
Every single day,
And even though it poisons me,
And burns on its way down,
I feel a bit of satisfaction in the knowing
That there's something else besides the sadness
Running through my veins.

But yellow only keeps its color
When it is left alone
And I am afraid that the colors buried deep within me
Are far too mixed to keep it bright.

Perhaps one day,
My soul will start to bloom and blossom
Like the flowers that you had painted,
All those years ago,
When all that you could dream about
Was feeling like the color yellow.

A Wilted Sunflower

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