Hey! I'm @dazzliin [if you've never heard of me before, feel free to check out my page and drop a follow ;)] and today's article is all about chill songs, creds to my spotify playlist.

Let us begin...

Howling ✰ RY X

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"cold i fell into your skin, on the night you let me under your sin, you had me howling"

Let My Baby Stay ✰ Mac DeMarco

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"so please don't take, my love, away, let my baby stay"

Sign Of The Times (Cover) ✰ LANY

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"you can't prop the door on your way to the sky"

Fantasy ✰ Alina Baraz, Galimatias

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"underneath palm trees you can leave your worries, listen to the waves"

Dreams ✰ Joakim Karud

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Saw You In A Dream ✰ The Japanese House

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"tried to keep my eyes closed, i want you so bad, then I awoke and it was so sad"

bitches broken hearts ✰ Billie Eilish

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"somebody new is gonna come for me, like you never do"

Pancakes ✰ LANY

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"cloud nine times nine my mind when i'm gone with you"

better off ✰ Ariana Grande

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"i'm better off without him"

Electric (feat. Khalid) ✰ Alina Baraz

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"darker than the ocean, deeper than the sea"

1950 ✰ King Princess

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"i hate it when dudes try to chase me, but i love it when you try to save me, cause i'm just a lady"

Horse to Water ✰ Tall Heights

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"lead me back to the darkness like you do"

New Light ✰ John Mayer

Image by mariannehoran93
"what do i do with all this, what do i do with all this love that's rushing through my veins for you"

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cover pic: @_Pretty_Pastels_