-I hate you

-I wish you listen more to me.

-I am not like others. I am different.

-I tried my best. Stop blaming me.

-I am sick. I need attention.

-Stop nagging, yelling and scolding me. You never know me.

-You never care about my mental health.

-You need to stop hurting me with your words.

-You never understand me.

-I am a human being. A living thing. Not an item to show off to your friends.

-Not everything is easy.

-Stop comparing me with others.

-Stop focusing on things that I can't achieve. Start focusing on things that I had achieved.

-You ruined my self-esteem.

-You give me anxiety.

-You give me depression.

You abused me mentally.

-You ruined me.

-I am afraid of living.

-I want to die.

But I still love you. After all, that's the thing I should be doing.

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