I have been lately thinking about the sense of life. I have moved to another country and now, thinking back about life in general, I have a strong desire to cherish all the small moments that we should appreciate more and are worth our lives.

Here are some moments who deserve a big shoutout to me.
This is totally personal and sometimes we don't realize how much priceless are those moments.

1) Road trips with friends

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Hair in the wind hearing the laughs of your friends

2) Sunsets

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The beauty of short moments

3) Cold and rainy days inside your house

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Hearing the lapping of the rain

4) Having a hot shower after a long cold day

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Feeling the hot water slide on your skin

5) TV nights with a blanket and a hot chocolate

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Put some warm socks and it's perfect

6) Long and deep talks with friends

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with your friends* Celebrate those friends

7) Smelling fall candles at the store

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Choice totally personal

8) Finishing a good book

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Feeling that accomplishment

9) When the beat drops out

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Eternal moments

10) When the plane leaves the ground

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That feeling in your stomach

11) Night drives

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Alone with your thoughts

12) Fresh early mornings

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When the day has not even started

13) Hugs with your friends after an intense moment

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Feeling so close to someone

14) Uncontrollable laughter

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When you cannot control yourself

15) Walking on the sand

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Feeling the sand on your body

16) When the sun caresses your skin

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With the perfect temperature

17) Sports sweat

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You know you're doing good

18) New resolutions

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You know you can begin again every day

19) Looking good in the mirror

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Feeling yourself

20) When you take a great picture

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So satisfying

21) Cuddling moments with your boyfriend

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Eternal love

22) Knowing that you are living your best life

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Enjoy your life kids

All of those moments are so much worth your life.
I am thankful for being that blessed in my life. Even though some moments are bad, don't compare yourself to others and enjoy every great memory and stay focused on that. Stay away from toxic people. It is better to be alone than in bad company! Find good people. Don't worry. It takes time. Focus on becoming a better person and doing your best self. Take care of yourself! Put some coconut oil on your skin. Moisturize your skin, drink tons of water, take great pictures and smile!