I never knew either of my grandfathers. All of the knowledge I have of them is second hand, stories recounted to me by my parents.

They were both endlessly fascinating, and they lived such hard lives.

Some of the most interesting to me were those of my mom’s father. He overcame many trials and tribulations and the outcome was his family coming to the United States from Russia. (Now this is a story I cannot wait to share with you all) My mom always talked about his thick Russian accent, and how when my parents first started dating my dad had a hard time understanding him.

Whenever my mom talks about these stories she always has a glimmer in her eyes and I know she misses him dearly.

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One day I was sitting in the living room with my mom, my little sister N, and my grandma. Eventually the conversation took a turn down that road, and we were talking about my grandfather again.

I was so drawn into the story. I was hooked on every word, just as I always was when my mom would tell these stories. It was like I wasn’t even looking at her anymore, rather I was imagining everything in my head. I was simultaneously terrified because of everything they had gone through, but also intrigued because of how these stories aligned with things I had learned in history class.

The story and images in my head were rudely interrupted by the ringing of our telephone. Instinctually, we all looked up at the television. We had the service where we could see the caller I.D. come up in the corner of the screen.

We were all suddenly confused when we saw a random jumble of letters and numbers on the screen. No one got up to answer the phone, we all sat there silently, letting the confusion wash over us.

Suddenly the answering machine clicked on with the typical, “You have reached the Rankin family. We can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave us a message we’ll call you right back!”

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Our ears were greeted by the sound of static followed by a thick Russian accent screaming, “Nina!”

Our eyes widened and my mom jumped off the couch, tears in her eyes. She ran to the phone just before the line was disconnected.

Curiously, she tried to listen to the message again but it wasn’t there and the random jumble of letters and number was missing from our call history.


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this story! This was seriously one of the craziest moments of my life and I will never forget it!

I also want to apologize for missing the upload on Friday as well. It was all for a good reason though, C and I got engaged!!!! So we were celebrating with our families that day.

-xx Lenny