I have become paranoid.
Like a woman in a dark alley, I feel followed by ghosts. The past haunts me and each time I try to move forward, the future terrorizes me.
I am afraid of my future and, mainly, I am afraid of not having one.
Testament of youth.
How many generations weren't lost through the centuries, in moments of war, in moments of fight? How many more will have to be? How many young people will have to bleed?
Will I be one of them?
And how could I not, if there's a threat to my existence, to my profession, to my friends? How can someone stay quiet in a situation of darkness?
No matter what happens, Brazil and democracy have already lost. We are in eternal two minutes of hatred, and my fear is what comes after they end.
And even though it hurts me and my parents and friends suffer... How can I stay still when I know what is about to happen?
The dictartorship has begun long ago. We just didn't notice it. And like June, I just saw the terror when it was too late.
A woman has to be strong, in all ways possible, to survive what's about to come.