hey so this is really my first article...actually it is my first article, but still hope you like it! enjoy!


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i'm only fifteen currently!

💗Best Feature💗

cool, outfit, and style image zendaya image quotes, laugh, and cure image merrell twins image
probably my awkward laugh/smile! it's weird to say, but i think it makes me sorta unique!


kind, people, and wallpapers image aesthetic, art, and artsy image case, iphone, and quotes image Temporarily removed
yellow's been my favorite color as a kid, and i still love it to this very day


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become a rich bitch™, make the world more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, make a ton more new friends, get a small patch of land and grow a large garden

💗Everyday starts off with...💗

Image by Liesel girl, autumn, and cozy image Image removed good morning, office, and trabalho image
eating some nice breakfast while on the computer

💗Favorite Flower💗

purple, tree, and nature image japan, flowers, and nature image fountain, garden, and wisteria image window and wisteria image
i like a lot of flowers, but i especially love wisterias rn. they just look so mysterious and nice at the same time

💗Greatest Achievement💗

locker, red, and aesthetic image anime, checkered, and cosplay image Temporarily removed beauty, college, and morning image
as normal as it may sound, i'm just glad to be in high school! i've been through a lot of tough stuff, so being a sophomore now just proves at how far i've gone since then!


fiends, Halloween, and horror image meme and reaction image 90s, alternative, and cool image art, dark, and drawing image
checking out horror movies, watching funny youtube videos and cartoons i love, and just generally drawing whatever comes to mind!

💗In love with...💗

anime, aesthetic, and sleep image Temporarily removed bunny and cute image art, demon, and draw image
90s-early 2000s anime aesthetic, goths/emos that implement in pink into their fashion style, plush animals, monster girls
meme, mood, and motherfucker image

💗Job(s) of my dreams💗

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i can't decide between a voice-actor, cartoonist, zoologist, or neurologist! ahhhh!


pink, no, and quotes image
as of right now, i don't want any

💗Least Favorite Quality💗

Image by Guinevere awkward, funny, and haha image aesthetic, alternative, and background image quotes, grunge, and sad image
honestly, my awkward-ness at talking to people i want to socialize with! also just generally how i look in the mirror and regret for not doing the things i wanted to in the past

💗Magical Power💗

Temporarily removed sex and the city, quotes, and Carrie Bradshaw image quotes, black, and burn image Image by Alessandra
control over fire/pyrokinesis bitchessss


fashion, today, and usa image américa and alfredo jaar image bird, eagle, and mountains image model, kendall jenner, and beauty image
i'm originally from North America, supposed "home of the free" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

💗One song I like💗

tumblr, quotes, and sad image gotye, Lyrics, and quote image glad, gotye, and Lyrics image ache, colors, and gotye image
somebody that i used to know - gotye


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alternative, art, and confused image
well, i get confused very easily, i have a good amount of mood swings, and...um, i think of very inappropriate things sometimes...what? i'm still a teenager! but yeah, i'm a little unique in my own way!

💗Question I Ask Sometimes💗

planet, stars, and space image blue, blurry, and galaxy image alien, balloons, and grunge image Temporarily removed
what's out there in the universe? green aliens? xenomorphs? cute cat people?

💗Reasons to smile💗

cat and dog image Lady gaga image book, rain, and rainy day image adolescence, aesthetic, and billy image
my adorable cat and dog, lady gaga songs, rainy/gloomy days, and just the thought of my favorite fictional characters pffft


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed demi, lgbtq, and lgbt image freedom, gay, and gay pride image
panromantic demisexual babiess

💗Time I Get Up💗

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weekdays? around 5:30 a.m. weekends? well, let's just say that today i woke up around 2:30 p.m.


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my undergarments mainly consist of normal-looking bras and panties with natural colors, so nothing too striking! also all of my bras are sport ones so that tells a lot about my fashion sense lol

💗Vacation spot(s)💗

night, london, and rain image architecture, beauty, and fountain image florida, orlando, and universal image beach, clouds, and sea image
i'd like to go to a lot of places if given the chance, but especially london, moscow, universal studios, and myrtle beach!

💗Worst habit(s)💗

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i have a couple of other habits i want to get rid of, but biting my lips and daydreaming during something i need to do are two biggies for me


photography, camera, and skull image heart, love, and broken image Temporarily removed flowers image
i'm sure i've had a couple as a kid since i was really sick back then, but in recent years i haven't had one, unless you count visits to the dentist's!

💗Your favorite drink💗

Pepsi image Pepsi, heart, and drink image vintage, coca cola, and coca-cola image Temporarily removed
i have a fondness towards coca-cola and strawberry/blueberry slushies, but i've been drinking diet pepsi my entire life!


aesthetic, fish, and water image astrology, home decor, and neon lights image quotes image tattoo and fish image
i'm a pisces, but gosh i hate the stereotype that all of us are just sensitive crybabies

I'M FINALLY DONE THANK GOD THIS TOOK LIKE 4 HOURS TO MAKE. anyways thanks for reading this all, and special thanks for the hearters who provided me all these pictures! this helped me learn a little bit about myself, and i hope you too got to know me a little better! ciao!

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