These are different boys I dream I can one day meet and date. Of, course, they're made up but hey, if you fit the description, even if just a little bit, pleaseeeee dm me;)
Which one would you pick?


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Thomas has short dark brown hair, kind brown eyes and an absolutely gorgeous smile. The kind of smile you instantly fall in love with, that just takes your breath away and makes you want to stare at it forever. He was quite popular in school, is genuinely hilarious and is the most down-to-earth guy you'll ever meet. Not gonna lie, he rarely ever shuts up, but he has the kindest heart and just wants to make the world a better place. He loves the outdoors, dogs and sports and wants to live a life of traveling and adventure.
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Harry is British. He has a very sophisticated accent, has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. His one true passion is photography but his parents made him study medicine as he is truly brilliant. He enjoys the nicer things in life like fancy restaurants and high-end clothing so really loves to spoil his loved ones, but has the bad tendency to assume everyone wants and can afford what he likes. He needs glasses to see from far away and is a passionate lover;)
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Alexander Wu

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Alexander is South-Korean, with jet-black hair and eyes. He's very fit and has a sleeve of tattoos on his left arm. A total foodie, Alexander loves to eat Korean and Japanese traditional meals but is kind of obsessed with his physical appearance, leftover anorexic habits, so tends to workout compulsively. He's slowly adapting to living without his disorder but is very positive about the future. He's very sociable and when he loves, he loves hard.
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This is James, he has soft brown curls and deep chocolate eyes, wears vintage looking glasses and reads a lot. He's super into literature and philosophy, and is very soft-tempered. Although he's relatively quiet and keeps to himself most of the time, once you get to know him, is very witty, quick-minded, and has a very sarcastic sense of humor. He might sometimes seem more interested in what he's reading, but he cares deeply about those around him and is very protective.
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