Someone told her, your imperfections make you perfect. She didn't really believe it until she looked in the mirror every single day saying, "I know I'm worth it". She knows she's capable of being loved and being cared for. She knows there is someone out there who will accept her; flaws and all. Who knew one person could come into her life so soon and make her whole world flip. Although that person doesn't know how she feels, the feeling she has is amazing. How could one text, one call, one word make someone fall so fast. Have you ever craved someone so bad? Not sexually, but mentally and emotionally. Have you ever wanted to just hold and be held? Have you ever wanted to build a bond with someone so strong that nothing could break it apart? Have you ever wanted to be in someone's presence and connect on a spiritual level? She's dreamed dreamt of looking into that persons eyes and saying, "I don't know why, but this feels right." But have you ever gotten so scared that your feelings will push that person away? Have you ever looked into the future and t thought of things not working out? But have you ever wanted to say screw that and live in the now? You ever just wanted the right vibe? The reciprocated energy? But have you ever thought that you weren't good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, or funny enough? She fears rejection and disappointment. But then she remembers, "Your imperfections make you perfect," and she says "I'm going to give It a try."