Lately I'm feeling in an amazingly good mood and I don't know why. I used to be this dumb teenager who did nothing but complain about everything.
Maybe it's thanks to spring, or because stuff is turning out to be the way I want. I guess I just learned my problems are nothing compare to other's. Or maybe, I realized I have amazing human beings around me, my friends and family. I truly have to say thank you to everyone who let me down, and also to those who hurted me and the people I truly love.
Basically, I'm just feeling hella great and no one, but no one will tear me apart.
I just hope everybody could feel the same way as I do, so please know we all deserve to be happy, as long as we help each other and we stop being shitty people. Because we don't change, we evolve;

Or maybe just memes and music are the answer.

moody btch