is a Scandinavian name. In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Freya is: Lady. Derived from the name of Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility and mythological wife of Odin.

23. Cancer.

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Around 5'4". Long golden blonde hair, kept straight. Eyes the same colour as the sea. Always has the sun-kissed glow. Exotic smile.Essence of fantasy.

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A true Goddess. Always thinking about the "how," wonders about a lot of puzzling things. Curious, in a daredevil sort of way. Likes to make herself seem like a mystery, which in many ways she is regardless. Outspoken and not afraid to stand up for herself or others. Not concerned about her futures, she truly goes with the flow and lives for the suspense of what may be. The one who will pull all of her resisting friends into the creepy, haunted house because she thinks it'll be thrilling. Not so much popular as she is feared by others; she emits power and energy, many are afraid to get to know her. However, once you do get to know the real her you'll find she's full of surprises and kindness. Animal activist; vegan. Won't say anything to you if you eat meat in front of her but her look will kill. Rule breaker, likes to do what she "shouldn't do." Dangerously convincing, can convince people into doing the strangest or craziest things. Loves change and hates structure and routine. Likes to make her own rules and be her own boss. Believes a little too much in astrology. Fascinated by psychopathology and medical abnormalities. Strives to stand out. A little bit of a heartbreaker but when she loves truly she loves with incredible passion.Gets obsessed with things and gets bored easily. Attracted to boys and girls, hard for her to have just one lover. Risk taker, lives without regrets. Dancer.

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A combination of 60s meets 90s with what's now. Wears a lot of blue, purple, and white. Loves satin/silk and floral embroidery. Also loves oversized sweaters and skirts. Fine details, no patterns. Doesn't accessorize too often. Wedges. Satchels.

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Fairytales and fantasy. Castles and history of royal lineages. Carnivals and the circus. Being with her friends. Girls. The "bad boys." Chinese culture. Marine biology. Dance. Animal rights. Ocean. Gold and sparkles. Mythology and ancient mysteries. Romania. German music.

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Fully German.

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Bucharest, Romania

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Small, pretty apartment. Pink roses. Fresh colours. Woodwork. Smells like apple and cherry blossom.

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CEO of a marketing firm.

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Doesn't have one, she has many. Not exclusive to any, she just loves love and loves to love. Very sensual, Male or female.

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Mermaid. Very Ariel-like but without the innocence. Intoxicatingly alluring, she's a lustful danger to humans, male and female. Likes to tease with her beauty and does not follow rules; she's a mermaid who honours her sea but wishes she were part of the land. Makes a deal with a sketchy character to obtain power to go on land as she pleases where she meets and enchants a human princess and they fall in love.

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