hey guys
here's a collection of songs i luv that have been released this month or that i recently discovered (plus just me geeking about music in the descriptions)

post break-up sex - the vaccines
-ughsdfhjkssahaj such a good song
-it has one of those beats that just makes you want to jump up and dance no matter what

the vaccines and grunge image Abusive image

devil town - cavetown
-different from anything else he's ever done
-has that eerie halloween tempo
-the lyrics are melancholic and ugh just brilliant

Image by amelia child, clouds, and end image

generation why - conan gray
-oh how I love this man
-so beautifully put together especially given how new conan is to the music industry
-emits such a soft calming feeling
-just a beautiful song

aesthetic image Image removed

when the party is over - billie eilish
-just wow
-if you haven't heard this song
-or seen the mUSIC VIDEO

billie eilish, when the party's over, and billie image billie eilish, billie, and spider image

can i call you tonight? - dayglow
-just a song that puts a smile on your face
-emits nostalgia
-a song you listen to on a road trip as you reminisce on all of your good childhood memories

Image by amelia Image by amelia

the entire over the garden wall soundtrack
-every emotion the show creates is in their soundtrack

wirt and over the garden wall image cartoon and over the garden wall image

frankie cosmos, just in general
-has such a gorgeous voice
-songs have a childish wonder to them? like I can imagine her songs playing in my head as a seven year old ?
-i just love her a lot okay

Image by amelia Image by amelia

thanks for reading guys!
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