Magic is in little things and inside you. The magic are where you found peace, love and happiness.
You can found magic:

1. When you realize that you suffered a lot and something better came to life.

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2. When you reconciled with someone you missed a lot.

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3. When they hug you, you close your eyes and you feel that you are protected.

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4. By expressing my feelings.

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5. When you find a hobby that you can not stop doing.

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6. Being grateful with everything you have around you.

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7. When you get a little note written by someone special.

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8. When your whole family is reunited.

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9. When you know you are doing something right.

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10. When you cry if happiness.

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Magic are in anywhere. Just enjoy the little things that make everything magical. The question is: have you noticed how wonderful the world is and your life? If you've done it, you've probably noticed the magic.

Where do you find magic? 💕

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