hey guys! I had a lot of fun making the last article I posted about music, so I thought that I would make one specifically about kmfdm lmao

these are all just some of my favorite songs of theirs at the moment, as they're always changing considering how much music they have sdhfshd none of these will be in order, by the way hehe

let me just write as a disclaimer rn: I like kmfdm bc they make good music. I am well aware that kmfdm might be kind of infamous bc of a certain two iconic school shooters; but trust me ladies! I like kmfdm for their music, not bc two long dead boys liked them!
...all that being said I had to feature a Classic n a reference to those said two boys bc. how could I not sidflksldj sorry

fire image Temporarily removed
[ready to blow I'm ready to die/ depart this world on a silver bullet/ I never believed I would ever pull it/ now's the time here's my show/ ready to go I'm ready to blow] Ready to Blow, HAU RUCK; KMFDM
love, red, and words image goth, aesthetic, and grunge image
[and as the vice grip choke holds/ all of our freedoms are meeting their end/ and for the wars they wage/ numberless troops lie wounded or dead] Free Your Hate, HAU RUCK; KMFDM
skeleton, Halloween, and aesthetic image skeleton and grunge image
[we don't run washington and no one really does/ ask not what you can do for your country/ ask what your country did to you/ the only reason you're still alive/ is because someone decided to let you live] Dogma; XTORT; KMFDM
Temporarily removed 666, alternative, and dark image
[who is who/ who the hell are you/ do you love me/ I'm the salt in your wound/ I'm the fist in your face/ I'm the thorn in your side/ the devil is disguise] Wrath, XTORT; KMFDM
satan image Temporarily removed
[disobedience, anarchy/ bullets bombs and bigotry/ terror, torture, bitches, boots/ never say never, thank you, brute] Kunst; KUNST; KMFDM
aesthetic, dark, and grunge image aesthetic, emo, and alternative image
[you might think we're stupid/ but we're way above it/ we don't give a shit/ and the kids just love it/ we wouldn't sell to a major for a couple of bucks/ there's no doubt about it kmfdm sucks] Sucks. ANGST; KMFDM
Temporarily removed grunge, funny, and grave image
[charismatic engineer/ idolized by those who fear/ all nonbelievers to be damned/ total submission on command/ ashes to ashes dust to dust/ abuse authority in god we trust/ you like playing god] Playing God, OUR TIME WILL COME; KMFDM
tattoo, aesthetic, and grunge image Image removed
[not a day goes by without terrible news/ the sky is falling, all hell breaks lose/ it absolutely makes no sense/ to do nothing but hope for a turn of events] Rip the System V. 2.0. HELL YEAH; KMFDM
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[malignantly malevolent/ I am of divine descent/ I am your apocalypse/ I am your belief unwrought/ monolithic juggernaut/ I'm the illegitimate son of god] Stray Bullet, SYMBOLS; KMFDM

and there we have it! some of my favorite kmfdm songs :^)
if you like metal (especially industrial metal or german style metal) you should 100% check kmfdm out. they rlly have soooooo much good music sfdlskjdlfksj

so that's it for now :^) self promotion time, though. if you liked this article or the aesthetic of it, follow me!

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