Tips: I write this article listening to this beat: 6lack x XXXtentacion Type Beat "I don´t forget" | Piano | Prod. TundraBeats

Did you forget me, since we’re not talking
I miss it, the bond that we used to have, is it ever going to come back ?
Cause I don’t forget the long days of messages
Cause I don’t forget the long nights on Skype
Sleeping with you through the screens
Our trip to the beach
Cuddling while swimming
Kissing quickly, so people don’t get it
Thinking of hiding, to express how love
Cause I don’t forget watching you study,
While I’m not focusing on the homework that I had
Cause I don’t forget you telling me « keep going »
And all the time I said « you gonna make it »
I don’t forget walking past you in the hallway
And I don’t forget the look that you gave to me
Even though I didn’t see all of em’, but I definitely felt all of em'
And I don’t forget when you said I’m your type
When you say I’m really nice
When you laugh at my bullshit
You in love but you don’t know it
That’s why you came twice talk to me
Apologize for your apeshit, cause you know you played me
And even tho you did it again, I remember what it felt
I don’t forget your kisses, under the shower at midnight
In the middle of nowhere and the trees
We could have died but we loved it
You my everything and you don’t know it
And even if I’d tell you, you wouldn’t get it
Cause you so smart when you want to, but so stupid when you shouldn’t
And I hate you, but love you in the same way.
And I hate that I have to love you, as I love that I have to hate you
Cause like that you probably realize why I’m silent
Why I’m suddenly erasing myself from you
It might help you understand
It might makes you want to talk to me again
I try and it didn’t work
So I guess I’m have to forget you as far as I can
To forget you while you still on my mind
And that your footprint is all over my heart
And your fingerprint is all over my body