Helloooo everyone. So, I haven't been active in so freaking long, but I am back.
In case you didn't know I am cursing my senior year right now. I just finished my first term sooooo I have some tips. Even if you are not in senior year I know this is going to be helpful.

1.- PLAN

Keep a planner or an agenda. You don't need to have a beautiful planner. Just a place to keep dates and important thing you need to get done.
What I personally do is just keep an agenda with dates and write the task I have to get done for that day. So, the day before that I check if I got everything done.

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Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you don't understand something DO NOT hesitate to approach your teacher, or a classmate that is good at it. Also, if you feel better you can access some youtube channels or apps that are also helpful. Some of the apps I can recommend are quizlet for practicing literally every topic and duolingo for languages. Do all of this on time, don't sleep on it. If you do it as early as possible you will not continue to get confused with new topics.

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Be clear on what you want to do. Is your goal to have a higher score? Plan how to do it. Do you want to get into a varsity team? Train and plan how to do it. Ok, you get what I mean. In the case of a senior, see what universities you want to get. See what they want and what you need to do. Get yourself ready to do everything. and in case no one is telling you this. YOU ARE ABLE TO SUCCEED.

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Take time for yourself. If you are doing everything mentioned in the previous tips you will probably have some time for yourself. Sleep, eat, party. Don't leave anything for last minute and that includes you mental and physical health.

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Ok guys that's it for today. If you have any suggestions or any topics you want me to go through let me know.
Dani xx

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