Hey fellow high schoolers , continue reading this article to find out the key things you need to do before graduation time.

1. Take All The Classes that you need to graduate (English,Math,Science,History,etc.)

speak to your counselor for more info

2. Go to as much activities as you can (prom,homecoming,prep rally,etc.)

3. Get a job (don't rely on your parents or whomever to pay for any of your stuff)

4. Start looking for colleges of your choice

5. Make sure your GPA is looking good if not start working hard and get them grades (don't settle for B's and C's)

6. For my ladies, don't put up with boy drama cause trust me it's not worth it and you'll end up breaking up before senior year

7. Sign up for scholarships by Junior year and continue Senior year

8. Thank the teachers who have inspired you and influenced you in a positive way during high school

9. Take care of yourself and prepare yourself for the real world

10. Make amends with people you have problems with, don't carry that problem on your back when you go to college. ( address the issue in a very settle way, don't fight)

11. Take the SAT/ACT ( start practicing by freshmen year and take it your junior or senior year)

12. Thank the lunch lady, custodian, janitor, etc. ( As much as they may seem useless to you but their actually good people that clean up after you)

13. Learn a Foreign Language (take classes such as Spanish or French, it will benefit you in college and for jobs)

14. Volunteer and do Community Service ( this will look good on your High school transcript)

Thank you for reading and I hope you all will have a wonderful high school experience and graduate!

❗️ If your a freshmen or sophmore in HS feel free to message me for any advice, no question you will ask will be dumb or get ignored just talk to me ❗️

- @babyfranny