Everyone seems to has that special quality in themselves. They seem to have everything figured out while, I, don't even know who I am. Anything and everything I do seems to be wrong. Nothing feels right except God. Nothing else in my life has put this much light in my life. Everything else just seems dull and annoying.

I suck at expressing myself. I'm not very good at telling people how I feel or expressing my deepest emotions. I'm bad at taking care of others. I suck at school. The only thing I seem to be good at is talking to God.

Everyone thinks I'm weird. Everyone is constantly disappointed or worried about me.

Do you ever feel like this? Like anything you do is wrong? So, you just keep your mouth shut and your gaze down? This is what it constantly feels like for me and it's getting beyond tiring.

I try to act like everything is okay. Like everything doesn't make me cry or insanely irritated. It makes me feel like there is something wrong with me.

This feeling is getting so tiring. I wish I didn't feel so worthless.