hi i’m @aliceusa and you’re watching me trying to be an extrovert!

okay, intros aside, let’s be friends!!1!

if you’re a bit... awkward when it comes to online friends, don’t worry, you’re just like me! so let’s be friends :)

(this is getting weird help)

so... requirement stuff if you wanna be my friend
(even if you don’t match and you wanna be my friend, you can send me a message)

  • kpop/bts fan
it’d be cool if you helped me learn about more bands, i’m currently into bts, seventeen, and blackpink mainly, and i’m trying to get into stray kids, nct, got7, d-crunch and twice
siriusly, it’s riddikulus
  • understands a lil bit of undertale
this doesn’t really matter to me but i mean please be okay with me randomly saying “don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti”
  • has had whi for a bit
maybe has like 100+ followers, but i don’t care :) be my friend
  • follows me
if you follow me and postcard (?)/ message me about this article, i’ll follow you too ^^

and we don’t need to/shouldn’t....

  • share personal info
besides country, that’s okay, but otherwise who cares who you are, what your gender identity is unless you’re a 50 year old predator looking for nudes then get help and oUTTA THIS ARTICLE—
  • try to internet date
if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re looking in the wrong place
  • bash homosexuality, race, etc
if you do this, bye
  • sext

I’m okay with:

  • anyone
besides a predator online / cyber bully
  • no matter what you identify as
girl, boy, non-binary, alien, whatever
  • what your skin color is
i’m okay if you even have blue skin
  • where you’re from
i’m cool if you’re from mars
  • your religion
  • your age
don’t be a predator tho srsly
  • who you love
i’m pan, and love is l o v e
  • or any of that.

and if you wanna be my friend, please be looking for a meaningful relationship, i want you to be the person i can proudly call “best friend”.

feel free to message me :) just say hi or introduce yourself (what you want to be called, not necessarily your name) and let’s be friends!

@aliceusa, the person who might just be your next best friend :D