Name: Trinity Pralia
Birthday: February 21st (Year is to be assumed 1996)
Age: 22 Earth years, 773 Uplomian Years
Height: 5"7
Weight: 127lb
Nationality: Uplomian
Sexuality: Pansexual


beauty, blue, and crush image beautiful, beauty, and eyes image blue, eye, and stars image hair, long hair, and long image
Trinity has long, wavy brown hair with light blue eyes and tan skin with light freckles (Appear as pure white if on Uplomia) if the light hits her right.


stars, grunge, and pale image blue, neon, and quotes image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image blue, theme, and navy blue image
Space, dark blue and stars


girl, Dream, and fly image girl, photography, and aesthetic image girl, sleep, and vintage image Temporarily removed
Flying around/Floating, Napping, Doodling flowers


Trinity used to be a royal alien princess on the planet of Uplomia, soon growing tired and aggravated of her stressful royal duties, she faked her death and snuck away to earth on a trade shuttle going to earth. She soon became a hero with her cosmic powers, her name was Cosmic Star.

Clothing Style

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Trinity LOVES wearing skirts, she typically wears cute floral skirts that blend nicely with her cute t-shirts, she likes aesthetically pleasing ones with fun words, cute patterns that pair well with her skirts, flower shirts (Mostly) or simply a natural colored shirt. Other times she may wear some skinny jeans with a comfy cardigan and a flower t-shirt, which is also her favorite thing to wear. She pairs both variations of her outfits with ankle black suede boots.


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Trinity is always determined, she's sincere, loving towards others, polite, kindhearted, and merciful, however she knows when to put her foot down, she doesn't let people walk all over her, even if she is very kind


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So, Trinity being an alien species, she obviously was born with special powers. This is what she can exactly do: Has super strength, Blue energy beam emission, Barrier generation with blue energy, supersonic flight but can glide and float, telekinesis proxy through her blue energy (yanno, she can move things with her energy like green lantern moves things with his ring), explosive attacks (makes her eyes glow bright blue), skilled in mixed martial arts and combat

Quick note; so pretty much Trinity is my Avengers oc but I didn't really feel like bringing up that fact in this article but yeah, anyways hope you enjoyed hunnies!!!!