i love travelling and to get to know new cultures.
my goal is to travel the world and learn new things, people and languages

1. Italy, Rome

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beautiful city with beautiful architecture and little streets full of cafés and bistros

2.Austria, Vienna

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i was in vienna with my class for graduation trip and i liked vienna it's a bright city (if you know what i mean) it also has beautiful architecture

3.Germany, Berlin

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i was there on my 13th or 14th birthday it's a very big and crowded city with nice people and so much history

4. Germany, Hamburg

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i've been in hambur a lot of times when i was young but i only remember the last time (that was a month ago). Hamburg is a wonderful city eryone should go there once

5.Denmark, Copenhagen

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i love love love Copehagen. beautiful city, delicious food and the nicest people ever

6.Netherlands, Amsterdam

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i was there only once but i really liked it. amsterdam is a romantic city, especially at night when the lights are on and the water reflects it.

7.France, Strasbourg

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i was in strasbourg with my class and i loved it because i had the best time with my friends, also strasbourg has the most beautiful and detailed cathedrale i've ever seen.

so that' it i hope you enjoyed it💖 and didn't get bored
also i'm sorry if i made some mistakes
love you guys😘

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