I Was Born For This ▲ Alice Oseman

Angel Rahimi is a teenage girl that is part of an enormous fandom of a boyband called The Ark. Second perspective of the story is viewed from a musician Jimmy Kaga-Ricci. They meet and an adventure starts. Topics such as depression, crushing influence of high expectations of others, peer pressure and family values are discussed. This is a perfect fast paste one-sitting kind of read for the day when you don't really want to go out.

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Little Fires Everywhere ▲Celeste Ng

The tone of this book reminds me greatly of We Were Liars by e. Lockhart. It is about two completely different families and how they influence each other. It is a slow paste story with a lot of depth and incredible details engaging enough to always make you get back to it. Perfect for rainy days and stormy nights.

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Breathing ▲ Rebecca Donovan

This series has three books including Reason To Breathe, Barely Breathing and Out Of Breath. The story revolves around Emma Thomas who has been through a lot in her life. These books provide very raw descriptions of violence, psychological torture, and mental disorders. Emma has difficulties with creating relationships with people but Evan Mathews doesn't care about any of that and tries to befriend Emma anyway. This is quite a heavy read and you might hate the main character sometimes but it is worth reading especially during those gloomy fall days.

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History Is All You Left Me ▲ Adam Silvera

This extremely depressing read is made for fall. It is about friendship that evolves into something more, about getting yourself together after a break-up and starting something new and it is about the death of someone close. The whole book is very dim and I would recommend reading it when you want to wallow in your own sadness. I should mention that it has LGBTQ+ characters in it but I never did it when it comes to the other books.

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The Yellow Wall-Paper ▲ Charlotte Perkins Gilman

It is a short story about a woman on the brink of insanity. It deals with wife and a husband relationship showing the dark side of supposedly well-meant help and bindings of such a relationship. Written by a leading feminist provides an insight into a woman's life at that time (published 1892).

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