Hey sweethearts, after a long time, no article (sry). I'd love to show you a pretty cute Tag from @sparkles_and_smiles I did too.

1. What signifies the start of fall to you?

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colorful leaves everywhere, windy & foggy mornings

2. Best way to spend a rainy day?

autumn, tea, and food image Temporarily removed book, coffee, and aesthetic image adventure, city, and explore image
cozy couch Tv day & good food or chill with friends & good food

3. Favorit fall scent?

architecture, autumn, and brown image autumn, fall, and orange image coffee, morning, and aesthetic image aesthetics, animals, and beautiful image
fresh air in the morning

4. Favorite fall song?

girl, music, and vintage image book, aesthetic, and coffee image autumn, book, and coffee image book, coffee, and study image
different, I like to hear playlists that I hear in a special mood (everything especially 70s to 90s songs)

5. Favorite fall color?

Image removed rain, city, and autumn image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image apple, autumn, and fall image
orange, brown & yellow a mix like leaves

6. Favorite fall fashion trend?

fashion, denim, and style image blogger, fashion, and levis jeans image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and autumn image
yellow & brown ripped pullovers with black boots and skinny black jeans

7. Your most loved fall activity?

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something in nature, like sitting outside or go for a long walk (also I love badminton)

8. The best autumn treat?

food and yummy image fall, autumn, and candle image autumn, coffee, and fall image food, autumn, and fall image
tea and cinnamon buns

Hope you liked my version of the tag. Thx to Mimi, who created this cute af'n Tag.
Stay fresh and pretty.

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~Xoxo, S.
PS: Cover from @Lucygm