My Day

Yesterday, October 26th, was my 18th birthday! I had anticipated the day for ages now, for the simple fact that I love my birthday. (Honestly, I could do without the turning 18 part..)
I most certainly cannot go without mentioning that my day was an absolute dream! Well, I don't think I could have even dreamed of it going so well, honestly. I spent the greater part of the day visiting my boyfriend in his college town. We went to the Zoo and got lunch together and then he accompanied me to some shopping. Surprisingly, he was completely okay with following me around girly stores, holding my bags, and waiting for me to try on clothes. He was my human purse for the day and I loved it; he loved the time he got to spend with me. A true keeper! Sadly, after our mall excursion, we had to part for me to go home and for him to go back to school. Later, that night, I had a nice dinner at a Mexican Restaurant with about 9 of my friends. We finished the meal with some cheesecake provided by my mom and had a lovely time! Now, to the true meat of this article, my boyfriend, friends, and family truly blessed me as far as presents (they blessed me in all ways.) So, I'm going to share with the WeheartIt world what I got for my birthday!

Gift Haul

I love watching birthday hauls, looking at them,
and just seeing what people got; I'm nosy. So, I'm sharing for the people like me. I am not trying to boast, I am very fortunate to have gotten what I did and I'm so thankful!


They were the first item on my list of gift suggestions, and were amongst the first things I opened!

My boyfriend bought me this adorable White Barn candle that says "Happy Birthday" on the front. It's Pink Lemonade Pound Cake scented and it smells so good! From my mom I got a candle with a scent called "Island Escape," and it smells like piña colada and all things tropical. Ya girl's room is about to smell delectable.

candle, winter, and christmas image Temporarily removed

We all love them. They were the worst to receive as a kid, but the best to receive now.

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One of my best friends bought me a denim jacket with hoodie sleeves and a hood. We are both so obsessed with denim jackets so she didn't have a hard time picking my gift. My other close friend got me a graphic t-shirt among many other things. It's heather grey with sparky black lettering and so cute!


Image by kyra✨ fashion, accessories, and gold image girl, black, and fashion image pandora, bracelet, and jewelry image
Another of my friends gave me this adorable white crystaldust cuff. It's like the one's worn in the first picture above and I love it so much. It's so sparkly and dainty, I can't wait to wear it with a cute girly outfit.

Cash Moneyy
Gotta shoutout the friends and family who gave me money to spend on myself! It'll be great as holiday sale season rolls in. My two friends who are brothers also gave me a gift card for Chinese food... Heavenly!!! Of course with these contributions came gorgeous glittery birthday cards. So lovely; ah, yes.☺️

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My sweet tooth got a few gifts too!

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I was gifted a dozen chocolate iced donuts and a pack of miniature fall themed cupcakes. I'll be eating good for the next week

These are treats, too! No doubt I'm gonna gain weight.

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I got 3 bags, one of Jolly Ranchers, another of Sour Patch Kids, and the third of AirHead Xtreme bites. I can feel a cavity already.

Gotta maintain the birthday glow!

skincare and face mask image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cherry blossom, fashion, and goals image
My skin will be clear and hydrated with the Japanese Cherry Blossom scented lotion and the sheet masks I got. I'm super excited to relax while using them. I've never used a sheet mask before but I have a feeling I'll end up addicted.

Random bits & bobs
These don't fall into any of the categories above, so I call this the "No Category" Category.

girly image Temporarily removed birthday, 18, and balloons image Temporarily removed
I got the most absolutely adorable t.y. beanie boo from my best friend's mom. It's Tasha, a gray leopard with pink spots that I absolutely love. Fuzzy pink slippers and some stationary were apart of my gift mix, too. So lovely!! And lastly, is a birthday a birthday without balloons?

Shopping Haul

Shopping is an activity I enjoy a lot more than I should. So, it comes as no surprise that it was a part of my birthday adventures. I got a few items I am really in love with, so I'm gonna share a haul of everything I bought for myself yesterday on my mall trip.


Image by kyra✨ girl, pink, and fashion image pink, emo, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
I've been wanting a light pink hoodie for the longest. So, yesterday I bought the light pink "BE YOU" Hoodie from Aeropostale's Gender Neutral collection. (Shown on the top left) It's so cozy, as the weather cools it'll be so useful!

Forever 21
I spent the longest in here, I can't even lie. My boyfriend was so patient with me, waiting for me to find clothes, try them on, and repeat. He deserves a cookie!

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From this store I ended up buying two skirts: a velvet mini pencil skirt and an asymmetrical white. I also bought a white sweater with a varsity type pattern around the v neck and sleeves; I've been wanting one like it for so long! Lastly I got a black knit headband since the weather is cooling down and ya girl doesn't wake up ready to do her edges every day. Each is really similar to the ones in the hearts featured above.

Hot Topic

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Me? Leaving Hot Topic without a bag? Never. They had clearance t-shirts 2 for $12 and that's a steal! I managed to find a cute black tie dye BMTH t-shirt and a P!ATD crop top with a chest pocket on the rack so I snatched both up quick and bought them.

And that wraps up my birthday article! I loved everything about yesterday and I'm so thankful that I had such an amazing 18th. Thanks for your time! I hope you all enjoyed.

That's All, Folks!