Day 10: Using the same word at the begining of every verse

o p e n

Open your eyes,
open them for all the little details you only see if you're trying to,
open for unknown things to see for the first time, to explore,
open to see the beauty that hides in everything,
open up those peerless eyes to look behind the fasade of the way the world presents itself to you.

Open your mind,
open for other way to see the world,
open to understand the deeper substance of it all,
open it to all the new and unkown,
open up that wondrous mind of yours, to all the possibilities life offers you.

Open your heart,
open it for opportunity to explore every facet of human emotions,
open to new relationship,
open for passion and yet unknown Feelings,
open up this golden heart, to everything even though it can hurt.

Open soul,
open it so just can do more than just exist,
open for a life without regrets,
open to realize what really matters, what is just a waste of life,
open up the marvelous soul you call your own, to experience life the way nobody can, but you.

Hello you guys,
in the poem fro this day of the challenge I want to remind you that life is amazing and has so much to offer if you go through it completly open. Even though sometimes it can hurt and make you suffer, it is the only way to really experience it and see it in it's purest form.
It's actually pretty exhausting, I write these ´poem everyday between 10pm and 1am because I don't find the time to do it during the day. So I'm really sorry if I spelled words wrong or the grammar isn't the best. I try to eliminate every mistake I make whil typing, but I probably missed a few of them. Anyway..

hopefully you enjoyed this article.

xoxo Sunny

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