1. Clockwork Orange (1971, dir. Stanley Kubrick).

a clockwork orange and clockwork orange image alternative, art, and clockwork image movie and clockwork orange image a clockwork orange, alex delarge, and film image

2. Fight Club (1999, dir. David Fincher).

Temporarily removed Image by sylviabale Image removed fight club, blue, and grunge image

3. The Dark Knight (2008, dir. Christopher Nolan).

joker and the dark knight image joker, batman, and the dark knight image heath ledger, the dark knight, and the joker image the dark knight image

4. Donnie Darko (2001, dir. Richard Kelly).

donnie darko image Mature image Flagged For Review donnie darko and sky image

5. Inglorius Basterd (2009, dir. Quentin Tarantino).

inglourious basterds, melanie laurent, and book image Temporarily removed inglourious basterds and christoph waltz image brad pitt, inglourious basterds, and aldo raine image

6. The Silence Of The Lambs (1991, dir Joathan Demme).

jodie foster, screaming, and the silence of the lambs image anthony hopkins and the silence of the lambs image 90s, jodie foster, and hannibal lecter image Temporarily removed

7. Trainspotting (1996, dir. Danny Boyle).

trainspotting image trainspotting image couple, smoke, and trainspotting image Image removed

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, dir. Jim Sharman).

brad, Janet, and movie image rocky horror picture show, the, and Tim Curry image Image by idk eyes, grunge, and Tim Curry image

9. Amedus (1984, dir. Miloš Forman).

amadeus and Tom Hulce image Image removed amadeus and Mozart image amadeus, Mozart, and Tom Hulce image

10. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013, dir. Martin Scorsese).

leonardo dicaprio, the wolf of wall street, and dollar image leonardo dicaprio, jonah hill, and the wolf of wall street image movie, leonardo dicaprio, and wolf of wall street image Lamborghini, leonardo dicaprio, and the wolf of wall street image