hello, my darlings! as you might've noticed, i have taken a break from we heart it, i haven't posted in decades nor been active. i sincerely apologize, my only reason is that i wanted a break from everything and i wasn't doing well emotionally. i hope you guys understand. ♡

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don't i already have glow up articles?

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the answer is yes, i have quite a few actually. but i went through them once again and was actually cringing. what was i thinking posting stuff like this? i had put no effort into them, i finished them in like 10 minutes, usually never going over them again, double checking for errors. i am ashamed to say that i wrote those, and i'm hoping to redo the series in a much more... accurate form.

what is the purpose of this series?

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i'm currently on a mental and physical journey in improving myself. there are times when i'm not feeling the best, or not choosing the right choices, but that documenting my journey will help me conquer my goals and most importantly help you guys out.

when will new articles be published?

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every saturday unless i state otherwise, for a valid reason! some days i might post earlier if i have spare time as a bonus article, but most importantly an article will be out that saturday.

how will i accomplish this?

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in my articles, i'll be sharing tips, facts and information on how to develop these healthy habits. i'll start posting my workouts, my diet, my struggles etc.

make sure to check out my other article regarding a help series i'll be creating to help you guys out. :)

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thank you!

thank you for reading this! i hope you guys are hyped, and excited. i sure am! i apologize if this was short, feel free to send me questions, comments and concerns! stay lovely. i love you all x ♡

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