What are feelings?
By definition, feelings are an emotional state or reaction. But from what I learned feelings can come and go. They are things that drive us to do something and things that can drive us away. They’re hard to control, but once you do you can almost hear the calm in the air. I’m still even trying to grasp how I feel about certain people. Do I like them? Or don’t? I recently had developed feelings for this guy who, we’ll call Hank, I was friends with. Now, at the time I thought he was this amazing person who was just wow. Hank and I weren’t like really close we would only really have small talk, but it wasn’t anything deep. I was smitten for a guy with beautiful eyes, who I really thought I knew, but in reality, I didn’t. You can see why I was so torn. Back then I for sure thought I liked Hank because I did. But looking back I even wonder why I liked him in the first place Like I said before feelings come and go. It’ll take some time before I can truly understand what’s going on upstairs in my brain with all these conflicting emotions, though I have hope I’ll get the hang of them.