Hey, it's Dilay again!
Today, I'm gonna write the best apps I have ever seen in my life. I can really say this they're totally amazing, let's do it!


1. Perfect365
If you haven't got so much time to do makeup but you have to share pics or videos, you can use Perfect365. This app makes your makeup on the phone and you can change or design your makeup easily.

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You can add filters to your photos with VSCO. This app has so many filters and they're really beautiful. You can also add light, exposure, grain etc. with VSCO.

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3. R4VE
You can make your photos like this;

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1. Tumblr
I'm using Tumblr rarely but this is one of my favorite apps. I'm using Tumblr to find kind of cool pics, wallpapers etc. I love Tumblr so much.

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2. WhatsApp
My whole friends are using Whatsapp so we are chatting it right here.

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3. Wattpad
I'm using Wattpad when I'm bored in my school service. In the morning when I go to school, I can read stories. Also, you don't need Wi-Fi, Personal Hotspot or Mobile Data to read books. You can read it anywhere you want.

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1. E-Okul
We have the Ministry of Education in Turkey. So they release an app six years ago. You can see your notes, days you didn't go to school, your syllabus, projects etc.

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1. Tubify
My all-time favorite music app. Because it's free! I'm using iPhone 5 so we only have one free music app and peoples mostly don't know.

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1. Balance
This app belongs Adidas. Add your meals to the app and see how many calories you eat in a day. It also shows how many calories you must eat in a day.

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2. 30 Day Fitness Challange
This app has my daily workouts. It shows me every day what exercise I have to do.

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3. Repost+
I can see so many things in this app. For example; who unfollows me, who stalks me, who blocks me etc. on Instagram. Most important: it shows you these things in a minute. But Repost+ only in iPhone's.

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4. Asphalt 8
My all-time favorite car race game!

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5. Runkeeper
When I'm running early in the morning, I open this app and pin wherever I want to run. This app shows me info of all exercises.

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