Oh, but I wish to come home to you. After a long day of classes, work or even a night/day out with my friends. Seeing you makes my day, but you still don't get it, don't you? Oh, another cliché but...

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In a short period of time, you became a really big part of my life and I am happy about it!

I know that we are not a regular couple, and it is fine for me. My friends don't get you, and often ask me how I am holding up with you&me situation. I love you, this is how I am holding up. And also I am thankful that we are not ordinary, common, boring. True, we fight a lot sometimes, but too happy for too long means monotony, where is the fun in life then? (No, I don't saytofight all the time just that it is good sometimes tosee that you care enough to fight)

I love flowers, even more when someone else is giving them to me, but you told me that you are not this kind of person and I was fine with it, and then when you offered me that bouquet meant even more, cause I knew that it was special. I knew that you made a compromise and I really want to thank you for it!

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I also love walks, and travelling, but you don't. I was mad for a while I admit, and after that passed, I started doing those things by myself or with friends. And it is ok. Both of us are happy this way.

I also love the way you cuddle with me sometimes, or how you act childish and how you want to be spoiled and of course I am doing it. It is my pleasure, but don't forget that I need this treatment too.

We are different is an understatement. You have your things, I  have mine. You love your peace and I love my storms. I  don't want to change you, and don't even try to change me. We are perfect this way, with our ups and downs.

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No matter what, I want you to know that you are perfect to me this way. This complicated, extremely weird and loving way. Don't be scared please and don't give up on me just now.

I know that you love me enough to go away if you see that our relationship is consuming me, but I am a big girl and I can take care of me and my heart. Even if right now is standing on a tray in front of you, just remember that once I told you that Karma is my best friend ...

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This is all guys, hope you like it!
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