• hi everyone , i'm so excited this is my first artical , and it's going to be about what i love to do in autumn / fall *

***** FIRST *****
- the first thing is that i like smelling the cold weather in the morning , when i woke up and i opened my window , and staying there for 5 min or more just to look outside ,and think of what I dreamed at night. * hahaha i really do that *

-the seconde thing , is watching some movies or serie that put me on the mood of fall , like : hocus pocus :
The babysiter :

*****THEN *****
-Taking a few autumn picture and post it on my instagram with some fall quotes , it's make me fell good haha , i don't know why .

*****NEXT *****
- try-on some new outfit with autumnal color like orange, yellow , brown ... , and try to stylite it with different pieces and see how it look like , , i swear i can pass the whole day doing this , it's like my passion anyway

So that is all for my article <3 , i'm sorry if i made some mistake 'cause english is not my first language, hope you like it , and maybe i'll talk to you in my seconde article

*** xoxo ***