of Italian origin; pronounced car/ME/nay; Influenced by the Latin word carminis meaning "of song;" a man who is like a song.

24. Virgo.

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Breathtakingly handsome; a pretty, refined, alluring kind of attractiveness. Fairly tall, around 6'1."Slim but athletic build. Piercing blue eyes with brown around the irises; heart stopping gaze. Mesmerizing in all that he is. Full lips. Wild, mysterious smile. Defined features; straight nose. Black luscious hair, straight but with a slight wave.

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Always the centre of attention whether he wants it or not; extrovert, the popular guy. Depending on who's being asked, he's generally deemed not approachable (given his looks) but is genuinely friendly, can make you feel comfortable and reassured. True optimist and very hopeful. Confident; you can say his ego is slightly too high. Always teasing, likes to joke around, doesn't take too much seriously but don't let yourself be fooled, he can be very serious and cold if he's offended, irritated, or angry. Unsure of his purpose; wants to do the right thing, wants to make a difference but doesn't know which path to take. Indecisive at times, spontaneous, a little reckless, emotional, carries burdens, good heart. Daring, adventurous, believes in living in the moment. Very flirty, magnetic, easy to fall for; seductive. Great dancer. Steadfast in his beliefs and opinions. Has a gift at reading people and is very affectionate, shows his love in physical ways. Fluent in several languages. Protective of himself and of others; loves children and is someone who will never grow old in spirit. Allows himself to get close to few; fears fake love. Loves his older sister with all his soul. Artistic, out of the box thinker. Skilled at math and drawing; terrible at writing an essay. Impatient. Musically talented and connects deeply to song and melody. Amazing football (soccer) athlete. Likes to be the boss. A LOT of fun to be with. Massive sweet tooth.

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Plain, on the casual side. Doesn't like patterns except pinstripe. Owns a lot of ripped jeans. Always leaves his shirt half unbuttoned. Wears a necklace. Watches. Bracelets. Gives off a chic, athletic, bad-boy vibe.

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Music. International politics. Mysteries. Football (soccer). Food. Sweets. Shopping. Skateboarding. Beaches. Travel. Helping those in need. Being with his friends. Bracelets. Laughing. Law and crime shows. Exploring new cities. Nights out. Amusement parks. Capturing moments on camera; making videos.

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Italian. Spanish.

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Madrid, Spain

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Modern one-bedroom apartment. Minimalistic style, black and white interior. Plants. Lives with his girlfriend. City view. Beautiful balcony. Rooftop terrace. No pets (he's not an animal person).

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Kind of funny how the rule breaker becomes a lawyer, isn't it?

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She's sweet, smart, kind - a real life Disney princess in a lot of aspects. A lot of people have their opinions on their relationship, but they know themselves better and don't listen. Two puzzle pieces connected. She makes him laugh like no other, they laugh so much together. She's just as spontaneous and adventurous as he is, and as a pair, gosh, the world needs to watch out for the mischief that they can bring. Sometimes they butt heads and argue, mostly due to their equal stubbornness, but at the end of the day their love overcomes all. Lifelong best friends and passionate lovers. She is patient with him (despite her "no chill" dramatic tendencies) and understands him; a like-minded individual. Loves in the same way he does, completely adores him. She satisfies his protective nature and he feels most himself with her; she makes him feel secure and seen. She's always surprising him; he loves her drama and knows how to react when she loses her cool. A Romeo & Juliet kind of love except they're both smarter (i.e. would check each other's pulses before doing the thing wink). He never gets bored with her, loves how much she talks, how much they talk. She can make the most boring things fun and he loves that about her. She enchants him entirely. He admires her bravery and courage and adores her sweet femininity and the sound of her laugh.

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Definitely a vampire. Lusts for blood and seduction, but also lusts for love. Falls in love with a human girl (very Twilight Saga) who changes him to be a better version of himself. Prior to meeting her, he was very Klaus Michaelson (The Originals) but with more heart. Females are inherently drawn to him. Could stop hearts with just his presence.

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