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For today's article, I decided to write about something that a lot of us girls (and boys) with long hair struggle with every day:

What hairstyle should I do today?

Sometimes there's just no inspiration left.

And do you really want to put your hair in the same bun for the 5th time this week?

So, without further ado, let's start with the inspirational hairstyles.

1st hairstyle:

open hair
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Image by ✨ girl, tumblr, and hair image
First of all, working with your natural hair is, of course, an option! Also, curls or waves (or straightened hair) can make up a whole new look. Just don't do it too often. Your hair will thank you;) And, when doing curls/waves you can mix up how many curls you do, if you do your whole head or just the ends, if you do small or big curls, ...

2nd hairstyle:

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fashion, girl, and hair image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
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Forget your regular ponytail! You can pop this look up with different crunchies. You can use a bow if you'd like! Also, play with braids. You can also do two instead of one ponytail. And, mixing the height of this hairstyle can transform your look. But, please don't overdo it with the tightness! Your Hairline will move back and you can lose your hair if you do a very tight look too often. You could also do a normal half up/half down ponytail.

3rd hairstyle:

my favourite: braids
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If you do one or two... If you braid the french or dutch way... If you braid normally or twist/fishtail/pull through/faux braid it... there are sooo many options!
hair, braid, and hairstyle image hair, braid, and hairstyle image
hair, hairstyle, and braid image Image by zaiba shaikh
This is a combination of braids and ponytails. You can also do it with just one, but I think it's cuter with two. Also, it doesn't matter if you style your hair or work with your natural hair: It still looks beautiful.
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Also, a half up/half down hairstyle is ALWAYS an option. Here, a waterfall braid was also a part of the hairstyle.
Image by Maja
Another idea on how to transform your regular three strand braid: Tuck the ends in.
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So, here's the waterfall braid. It's a cute way to keep your hair out of your face.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
For all those that struggle with this sort of braiding. If you still have trouble just watch a youtube tutorial. There are plenty. However, in the end, I'm going to link my favourite hairstylists on YT.
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If you really want to challenge yourself you can try out a four+ strand braid.
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Other cute hairstyles to try out. Most only look complicated. You'll just need a lot of bobby pins;)
hair, braid, and hairstyle image
At first glance, those are two dutch braids. At second glance you'll notice that those are connected. To achieve this look you have to leave one strand out of your first braid. You braid both braids normally. When you're ready you're going to take this strand and pull it through the braids. First right, then left, right, left,... If this wasn't helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVbG9Wz1-Ew
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Side braids!
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To achieve this look, you're only braiding the top half of your hair. You can either put a hair tie around the braid the moment you stop dutch/french braiding or continue the braid as it is seen in the second picture. You can end this one with a bun instead of braiding it 'till the end.
hair, friends, and braid image
Here you have two half up/half down hairstyles: The first girl has a french braid (but only on the side of her head, i.e. that only hair from the side of her head was added) that ends in a fishtail; the girl on the right has got a normal ponytail that is fishtail braided. The other two girls have dutch braids. The brown haired has got a regular one, the blonde girl has got a fishtail dutch braid.

4th hairstyle:

Here it finally is: the bun
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Who doesn't love a good messy bun? But it doesn't always have to be one. You can mix up where you have your bun, how messy it is, if there are any hairties seen, and and and. You can also put a scrunchie around it.
hair and hairstyle image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
Your braids could end in a low bun.
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Other ideas of combinations of different styles.
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hair, braid, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and braid image
You could also try to braid the other way around, starting with your head down. Thereby you can decide on how many braids you do and on how many buns you want.
hair, hairstyle, and braid image brown, girl, and hair image
braid image beauty, girls, and hair image
Don't forget the space buns! I know, some of these aren't technically space buns, but still... two buns are definitely an option. Whether you braid it first or not. Also, you can braid your hair the normal way and then use those braids to create your buns.
hair, braid, and hairstyle image girl, hair, and style image
Milk braids! Just normal braids wrapped around your head. again, bobby pins are your best friend!

5th hairstyle:

hair bow
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You can create a bow with your own hair. Again, if you have trouble understanding this technique look up a tutorial on youtube. Those can be pretty helpful.

6th hairstyle:

Image removed Image by Mariana Giňovská
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That's it with the hairstyles!
I hope you liked them.

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