K - Kids In The Dark by All Time Low

aesthetic, all time low, and badlands image all time low, band, and Lyrics image Temporarily removed alex gaskarth, all time low, and Lyrics image

I - Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

iris goo goo dolls image aesthetic, blue, and clouds image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

N - Na pewno (Someone) by Tab & Sound 'n' Grace

sound and grace atom image Image by Enchanted Kingdom

G - Go The Distance by Mark Seibert (from Disney's 'Hercules')

hercules, disney, and quote image god, quote, and well done image jesus, eternity, and heaven image god, hercules, and Lyrics image

A - Astronaut by Simple Plan

Temporarily removed astronaut, band, and canada image astronaut and simple plan image astronaut, band, and Lyrics image different, quotes, and sad image astronaut, black and white, and Lyrics image

And the cover image :)

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