ℌ name: Lutrixia S. Roosethal

ℌ born: January 13th 1993, Capricorn

ℌ looks:

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ginger hair, grey eyes, red lips

ℌ style:

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skirt, heels, and hat, all the time

ℌ personality:

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She is an introverted mysterious weirdo. The one who always stands out. She doesn't have much friends. But she is confident and she can stand up for herself. She is filled with sarcasm, but most importantly, she is extremely intelligent. Her IQ is above the average and she spends most of the time educating herself.

ℌ blood:

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Lutrixia was born in Ireland to the family of muggles. She is one of a kind and first to be a witch.

ℌ house:

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hogwarts, ravenclaw, and blue image alternative, blue, and harry potter image book, blue, and owl image harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image
harry potter and ravenclaw image

ℌ wand: TBA

ℌ patronus: TBA

ℌ favorite subjects:

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ℌ pet:

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ℌ friends:

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Luna Lovegood

ℌ interests: TBA

ℌ favorite places:

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night sky, the nature, the lake

ℌ amortentia:

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apple & cinnamon