• Full Name: Rain Lorelei Palmer
  • Nickname(s): Rainy
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: August 15
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Ethnicity: She is half human & half mermaid as her best friend.
  • Hometown: The State of The Mermaids


  • Hair
Temporarily removed Image by Jarbas Jacare Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
She got very long & wavy hair. Her hair is a beautiful gold blond.
  • Eyes
blue, brown, and earth image eye, blue, and eyes image
She got blue eyes when she is Under the sea & Brown when she isn't,with a Brown spot in for mean her human part takes over & a blue one when her mermaid part does.
  • Face & Body
girl, goals, and hair image Image by sαяα🥀 girl, bikini, and summer image Temporarily removed
She is a beautiful girl. She is tall & slim. She has beautiful lips & freckles.


  • Everyday
outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image outfit, hair, and nails image vans, shoes, and black image
She loves casual clothes, but she also likes outfits more classy. She wears sneakers Everyday.
  • At School
black, fashion, and style image fashion, vintage, and white image autumn, boots, and clothing image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
At school, she has to wear a black skirt, as all of the student, a gold shirt because she works in the Sea Animals section, a black jacket & black boots.
  • For Ball
dress, fashion, and style image fashion, shoes, and black image fashion, shoes, and black image dress, fashion, and gold image
Gold dresses & black heels.
  • For Events
clothes, fashion, and girl image femme fatale, beautiful hairstyle, and minimal style image black & white and trousers image Temporarily removed
Simple classy outfits Always with a gold element.

Tale & Crown

mermaid, ocean, and sea image mermaid, crown, and fantasy image mermaid, crown, and shell image mermaid, ocean, and sea image
Her tales is blue gray & pink. Her crown got the same colors.


  • Everyday
makeup, girl, and eyes image lips, makeup, and lipstick image
  • At School
beige, blue, and brown image lips, lipstick, and makeup image
  • For Ball
Temporarily removed fashion, make-up, and golden kiss image
  • For Events
makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image lips, red, and makeup image


beyoncé, pink, and angel image kind, life, and lifestyle image quotes, beauty, and brain image meme, funny, and lol image
She is a crazy girl, like her best friend Celeste, kind, clever & funny.


  • Music
aesthetic and music image 2016, backstage, and blonde image
She sings, as all of the Mermaids.
  • Sport(s)
Image by holf crocs, enjoy, and gymnastics image
She likes basketball & gymnastics.
  • Other
friends, summer, and sea image Temporarily removed
Being with her best friend.


Temporarily removed Image removed happy, joyful, and stars image Temporarily removed
The Witches, sea animals, magic & partying.


fantasy, makeup, and elf image aesthetic, fairy, and forest image black, coffe, and good idea image aesthetic, food, and theme image
The Elves & The Fairies, coffee & sushis.

Favorite Color(s)

cloudy, fire, and gray image Image by Jarbas Jacare
Gray, yellow, red & blue.

Significant Other

boy, lucky blue smith, and model image
Charlie Castillo, a human.

Old Halloween Costumes

Halloween, makeup, and beauty image bff, carnaval, and cheer image


harry potter and hogwarts image mermaid, sea, and black and white image
She is a student in The Wizards School & also one of the Mermaid's Representative.


animals, beach, and bikini image Temporarily removed girl, summer, and shark image Image by María De Mayo Silveira
Her speciality, she can speak, control & being the sea animals.


tortue image Temporarily removed
Her turtle, Speedy & her killer whale, Dreamy.

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