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A few weeks ago I started a new series and it took me a long time to finally write part 2. Some of you loved the first part of the series and I was so thankful for all the hearts and reactions on it so here's part 2!

I'm 18 years old and selfcare is one of my priorities. I try to spend time on my own working on my self love and one of them is becoming a so called 'GirlBoss' and believe me girl, it can be hard sometimes. It takes a bit of practice and experience to finally feel like an independant person. So I decided to start an article serie on how to grow and feel like the GirlBoss you really are on the inside. Today I'm going to write about Self-doubt and how you can deal with it and push through so you can move forward and be one step closer to your inner GirlBoss.




Self-doubt is not something rare and it's not something you created over the years. It's something everyone has. Everyone is born with it and there isn't really a "cure". It's something mental and no one can escape it 100% but you can for 90% of the time. Luckily it's something we can manage ourselves.

We love thinking about a 101 things at the same time but when we think to much about a subject we start to gain self-doubt. Our thought will be something like:

"Am I doing the right thing?"

"Will I succeed?"

"Am I on the right path?"

etc. We all know nobody is perfect and we all struggle with this but let's try to manage it somehow.

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It's okay to have some self-doubt and don't ignore this feeling. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself Why you are doubting yourself. Is it because it's too difficult? Or maybe you're just having a bad day. Or maybe you think you can't do it as perfect as all the others?


Nobody is perfect and nowadays we compate ourselves a lot because we Always want perfection.
This can be the cause of social media. We compare ourselves to people who tend to have the perfect life but nobody has such a perfect life/body/friends or whatever.

We only see the best bits of people and it's so easy to create this image of perfection but no one is perfect and everyone is beautiful. No matter who you are, you're you.
The less you compare the less you doubt.

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I talked about social media in part 1 (you can find the link to part one at the end of this article)

Is there some though in the way? Ask Why and try to move forward. Do you need to write a difficult essay? Do not doubt yourself and just write that essay! You (and I) know you can do it.

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This helps so much! When you're motivated to do something and do it with love you will face it without any fear. You are a strong, independant and smart someone and I'm sure you can handle anything. It's like they say: "The best things take time."

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Don't overwork yourself. If you work too much you will get stressed and start thinking and be doubting your work. Take a break every hour to destress and maybe read some motivational quotes to recover from all the information you just soaked in.

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Don't forget who you are on the inside and what you're goals are. It's okay to feel a little less sometimes but just don't forget to take breaks to breath and think. You are you and I'm sure you can handle a rough day. You will succeed as long as you believe in yourself.

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Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped and inspired you! It means so much to me that people like to read what I post and it really motivated me to keep going. You are the best!

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Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped and inspired you! It means so much to me that people like to read what I post and it really motivated me to keep going. You are the best!

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