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I see Cinderella a down to Earth kind of Girl.
Nice to every one but even though she has hardly have any friends she makes up with it with pets, even if its down to a pet Rats.

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From being the wife of a prince shows off as she shows it with her clothes as she shows her money in her clothes but she not to snobby because she does not always wear fancy clothes all the time but can be seen with her hair up and in comfy clothes.

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I see Merida a boss leader Girl.
Nice to every one, trying to do anything to make her mum and dad happy with her, even if she does not like it, because the only thing she wants to do it ride off on her horse to shot for arrows.

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From being the Daughter of a king shows her haw to act like a princess even when not wanting to, even when having to wear a dress of the time it finally set on a dress she can walk around in and that she does not have to hide her ginger/ red curls.

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I see Pocahontas a government figure Girl.
Trying to get her point of view out there on her view of racism and natures treatment, just to try change some people minds so they can see what she seen the magic of nature,from the animals to the plants and love you get get off the people.

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From being the daughter of One of the plains Indians tribes ruler, Powhatan,shows to be like her father to stand to what she believes in. The love she has showing no racism, for falling in love with a blonde and white skinned Man and she Block hair and copper skin.

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