I would love to take a moment and appreciate you
Appreciate you??? More like um admire you

Tell me dear Stranger..
If I told you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
would you agree?,
would you accept my compliment?
Most importantly,
would you embrace the truth?

well sweetheart :)
the truth is...
i am just correcting all the negative things that have been said to/about you
the insults thrown at you..
the voice that has been trying to brainwash you!!
...okay the last part is a bit dramatic but still..

Dear Stranger
You are not stupid,,
You are intelligent.
You are not a curse,
You are a blessing to this world.
You are definitely not useless,
...You are the definition of IRREPLACEABLE.

Do not listen to those colorblind idiots
they only see two colors of your rainbow.
Your skin is rich with beauty

Your smile brings joy..even to the sun!
..no wonder it does not take a day off
It even hides behind the moon just to see your overwhelming smile at night.

Your scars are magnificent.
they are the marks of a warrior.
a warrior that has flaws
flaws that have caught my attention
Truth be told...
I do not want to correct them
to ignore them
or force you to hide them
but to accept them, praise them and to love them.

You cry, laugh, shout, scream,
whisper, breakdown, overcome,
You fight, support, advise, ask
lead, follow, support, sneeze,
even fart
but that is what makes you beautiful
Because you are free to express yourself

you are a human Being that has bEen through A lot bUt has conquered all of Them. A lIght that shines to its Fullest and is so Lovable.

If you gather all the CAPITAL letters....they make you



with love