Ive never really considered myself as a fat person but also not as a skinny person or a really fit one.
Ive never tried those really hard and bad for you diet or a challenge that will make you all weak, mainly since I never felt like I needed one, just like today.

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So let me start with saying that this isnt one of the super hard and difficult challenge, that you can barely apply.
the hardest part in this challenge is the persistence and dedication to continue and finish the challenge without giving up.

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This isnt for you to lose crazy amount of weight its for you to get fit and more healthy.
I'm doing this challenge to be better and more happy about myself and I would like you to do the same.

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And I would like you to do this with me, to do this challenge together as a team.
Later one this week I will post a workout article and even more articles that will help to finish the challenge one the best way possible.

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Before you even think about to commit to this challenge I would like you to take a piece of paper or even on your iphone notes and write the answars to those questions.

Name: __________


I'm starting this challenge because:___________

What is you biggest goal to achieve doing it:___________

One reason why i cant give up:_____________

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As I said I would like us to do this together so please feel free to send me your thoughts and progress or even just DM me that you started.

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