It creeps and crawls.

It will come knocking on the door of your mind.

No matter how hard you try to block it out, it will slither into the cracks.

It will spread like cancer, turning anything and everything to black.

It will turn all your blue skies to grey.

Your emotions will slowly fade until you are emotionless.

People will think you are crazy for not knowing how you feel.

You'd rather sleep a night full of nightmares than spending a day in reality.

Because those dreams are nothing compared to reality.

It'll make you feel lost when your loved ones tell you how much you mean to them.

The future will feel like a treacherous venture, because you don't have the will to hang on for much longer.

It will make happiness feel like a distant memory.

You'll feel an overwhelming amount of guilt for the people who tried so tirelessly for you.

You'll want to scream.

You'll want to cry.

You'll feel like a lost star.

But people still see depression as being a weakness,

and they'll never understand the pain and ends nights of

wishing it all would end.