Lately I found some pretty cute items to dress your outfit up or down. Most of them you can get on a budged, and the rest is really worth the money. So get inspired, have fun reading, and enjoy the last warm sunlight falling through red and yellow leaves this season :)

hoop earrings

Image removed aesthetic and hoops image
messy hair? lazy outfit? no makup? - wear some hoop earrings and your look will appear more classy and from high-standarts instantly - so you can dress your outfit up with no effort and almost without any costs (I got some minimalistic golden ones for 2$ at a discouter)

fila sneakers

fashion, Fila, and style image adidas, aesthetic, and black image
at first sign they look like some 80´s dad tennis shoes - and they actually are, I guess - but they still go with almost every outfit: mom jeans & tennis socks or an oversized sweater, you´ll slay the look


hair image asian, beautiful, and brunette image
I guess Lara Jean brought them back to life - they were pretty popular when I was a kid but simply disappreared somewhen - now they´re back, cuter than ever: decorated with pearls, made of satin or crazy patterned - but I still like the classic ones best
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