Halloween is around the corner! If you want some more Halloween spirit in your room or home, try these tips!

1. Seasonal Pillows

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Give a pillow to a chair, put some on the couch, or on your bed. They can really add a spooky or autumn vibe to the room. Get some for the other holidays, too!

2. Seasonal Candles

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Nothing like the smell of fall! Pumpkin spice, Macintosh, Autumn leaves, or white pumpkin - wait, white pumpkin has a smell?
Anyways, whether you burn them or use them just for decoration, these can really increase the warm fall feeling in your home.
Don't like candles? Try essential oils or even hand sanitizers. They can give you the same effect.

3. Fairy Lights

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Okay, fairly lights are amazing ALL year round. But when paired with other fall decorations, they look very artsy! Get a warmer color for the fall, or just stick with plain so you can get a cutesy starlight effect all year round!

Remember to get LEDs so they don't heat up. If you don't have access, make sure they keep away from curtains, fabrics, and other flammable objects.

4. Arrangements & Centerpieces

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Get out your crafty caps and make your own fall arrangement to put on the dining room table, the top of a sideboard, or on a shelf.

Things to use:

  • Fake leaves
  • Fake fruit
  • Pumpkins (real or fake)
  • Flowers (sunflowers, mums, pansies, roses, etc)
  • Candles or fairy lights
  • Fake fruit (grapes, squash, apples, etc)
  • Mason Jars
  • Paint

Most of these you can find at your local craft store.

5. Neon Signs

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Neon signs or lit up signs with the right colors and sayings can add to the fall theme in your room.

6. Pumpkins

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There are so many ways to use pumpkins as decor! Carve them, paint them, leave them, get mini ones, get white ones, get gourds, get the ones that look like they have warts, just use pumpkins!

7. Gel Clings

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Sure, they are a bit childish, but that doesn' take away from the fact that they're fun and cheap!

8. Banners

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Cutesy, spooky, long, short, there are so many ways you can go with these banners! Make it yourself or buy one!

9. Use Halloween Mugs

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Buy three or four and use them throughout the season. They add some spirit to your morning routine!

10. Doormats

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Add a little spice to your front door! Halloween pictures or quotes add a good outdoor fall vibe.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!