Hi, I'm a huge fan of shows and I have discovered some of them that deserve to be more known.

Lost in Space - SF, Adventure. (Netflix)

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The Robinson family is selected for the 24th mission of the Resolute to colonize the Alpha Centauri star system.But the Resolute has trouble. Forced to evacuate the mothership the Robinsons, crash on a nearby habitable planet. There they must contend with a strange environment as they search for a way back to the Resolute.

Outlander - Historical Fiction, Romance, Drama. (Starz) (one of my fav)

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It follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened.

Godless - Western (Netflix)

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In the 1880s American West murderous outlaw gang leader Frank Griffin hunts for ex-protege Roy Goode. Frank's chase leads him to La Belle, New Mexico - a town inhabited, after a mining disaster, almost entirely by women.

Heartland - Drama, Adventure, Family. (CBC)

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Heartland follows the two sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack Bartlett, and Ty Borden, through the highs and lows of life at the ranch.

Awkward - Comedy, Drama. (MTV)

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The show's central character is Jenna Hamilton, a Palos Verdes, California, teenager who struggles with her identity, especially after an accident is misconstrued as a suicide attempt.

Dark - SF, Thriller. (Netflix)

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German town of Winden, bringing to light the fractured relationships, double lives, and dark past of four families living there, and revealing a mystery that spans three generations. The series follows Jonas Kahnwald, a teenager struggling to cope with his father's suicide; police officer Ulrich Nielsen, whose brother disappeared 33 years earlier; and police chief Charlotte Doppler.

The OA - SF, Fantasy. (Netflix)

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The series centers on Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years. She refuses to tell the FBI and her adoptive parents where she has been and how her eyesight was restored, and instead quickly assembles a team of four high school students and a teacher to whom she reveals that information, also explaining her life story.