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This is the first episode of the Let's glow up series and it is about a week of change into a better version of ourselves.

1.Mental health
It is probably the most important step we have to take in order to feel happy about ourselves. We are all unique and every single of us deserves the world. So, we have to respect ourselves enough to make decisions that will make us better. Let's remove the toxic friends from our lives. People that surround us have a huge impact on our lives. I know how difficult it is, but if they don't want the best for you , you have to be your own hero and remove them.(if you want an article about toxic friends and my experience, send me a message)

Make a list of all the goals you have and take action. Accomplishing some of your goals will make you feel strong and it will motivate you to keep going. Also, a tip (that I am trying to follow too), is not to depend on others. Try to do whatever you want by yourself and it will make you realize your worth.

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3.Change something in your room
Changing something in your room will make you feel refreshed and motivated.You can buy something or you can DIY. I have some videos for you to get inspiration.

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4.Make a change in your appearance
A new haircut or trying to wear something different than usual will make you feel sooo good.Also, you can try a new hairstyle if you don't want a huge change.

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Sometimes, how we treat others defines how we feel. So, from today let's start to be more kind to others and be ourselves. It is so important to be ourselves. Also, think about how you feel when someone is rude to you. Personally, I feel like it is my fault. So, imagine being rude to someone because of someone else.

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That was it for today's article. I hope you liked it and that I helped you a little bit. If you try with me all of these I told you, you can send me a message to tell me the results. Also, if you want, follow me and heart this article.

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