is the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Albanian and Slavic variant of Adeline, meaning 'noble' or 'nobility'. She usually goes by Lina, but not usually until she befriends or acquaints you.

25. Aquarius.

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Tall just like a model, 5'9". Slender. Long dark blond hair. Piercing sky blue eyes that seem to contain enchantment properties. One delicate tattoo of a rose, loves piercings. Full lips. Light makeup, sometimes smokey eye look. Gorgeous beyond measure.

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A beautiful contradiction. Perfectionist but easy-going, incredibly extroverted but likes to be by herself, confident and wild yet insecure and unsure. Extremely intelligent, devours books like others devour sweets. English and Italian literature goddess. Talent for writing and fashion. Family devoted, loves her little brother more than life. Believes in the power of love and family. Doesn't like to be told what to do, wants full control. Rebellious. She's kind and loving because she's been hurt in the past. Has magnetic qualities. Charming, the type of person who makes you lose your train of thought and breath. Afraid of dogs except for huskies and labs. Is calmed by thunderstorms and starry skies. A lot of fun, breaks out in song and dance as if her life were a musical. Likes to bake for people even though she makes a disaster in the kitchen doing so. Very talented with needle and thread. Loves cappucinos and disregards her culture's rule of "no cappucinos past 11am." Wears light and dark equally well, likes to have her secrets, never fully shows her whole self. Loves surprise parties and rollercoasters, thrill seeker. Doesn't have many real friends but she's okay with that. Mysterious, likes to tease boys and isn't concerned about finding love; bisexual. Likes to keep people questioning about how she's really like. Can speak multiple languages, can be found in her natural habitat: a library or garden. Big city girl but loves that small town European magic as well.

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A combination of classic-chic and romantic-chic, with some 70s vibes. Very Italian-European, fashionable. Her style changes depending on her mood, can also go more on the gothic side. Doesn't wear sport clothes besides yoga pants at times. Loves accessories. Wears a lot of black and white. No big patterns or bright colours. Loves lace and layering.

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Art and culture. Literature. Italy. The U.K. European history. Fashion design. Cappucinos. Sunflowers. Girls. Baking. Exploring new places. Going on adventures. Being what people don't expect her to be. Surprises. Philosophy. Spending time with her little brother, also known as her favourite human on earth.

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Italian. British.

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Rome, Italy

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2-bedroom apartment on a quaint street. Very spacious, bright, white wood work. Pops of colour here and there. Minimalistic style. Many flowers. Beautiful balcony.

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Journalist and model.

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Doesn't have one. She's happy and content with being single and free to love whom she wants.

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Definitely a fairy. Most likely an air fairy. Rebellious within her fairy home, she never was one for rules or traditions. Seeks more in life. Has the power to transform to human size where she enchants everyone who lays eyes on her.

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