I need your hug
Of your love that makes me light
I lack those black eyes
From your white snowy smile
I need that look that kills
That hot mouth turning everything around.
I miss your bewitching face.

I'm so needy of you that made me a prisoner
I live a nightmare, with passion without a kiss
I'm willing to face the world.
Always be the guide of your heart
I'm half a love that vibrates
In a poetry in the form of a song

Without you, I'm a hippie without a compass.
Without you, loneliness embraces me
Without you, I'm less than half
I am unable to live for myself
Without you, without you.

Baby, do you know the pain of
Missing some dear ones
I couldn't able to bear it
As I desperately want you
To make my brain to release the
Oxytocin with your tight snuggling.