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when I told you
that I wanted to be with you
i let you know what was going on in my head
you entered my thoughts
crushed my soul
you dodged this matter
by laughing
at that time
I felt stupid for loving you
completely ignored my feelings
my voice never reached your heart
and when I tried to stay away from you
no contact at all
well, I hope you know who you are
you came back
that was the most painful part
You destroyed my soul
that little piece of mine remaining
asking me why I left
i bet you knew why
but you hid the fact that it's pricking your soul
i did not care anymore
you killed my feelings that i had for you
so what is the use now
i started writing
my thoughts into
poems to save myself
now that everything's damaged
nothing left
all alone
i walked away
and never turned back

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